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Refurbished Marco Encore Auto Chair & Deluxe 2 Stand

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Product Description

Fully refurbished Marco Encore Fully Auto Recline chair and Marco Deluxe 2 Console Stand. The chair has new upholstery and foot switch.

The Marco Encore Automatic Ophthalmic Chair sets a new standard in convenience and functionality with its effortless automatic recline feature. With a touch of a button, this chair smoothly transitions between upright, flat-table, and any desired positions in between. Its exclusive hydraulic system ensures a silky smooth elevation and recline experience, providing optimal ease of use for both patients and practitioners. Backlit flat overlay switches enhance usability in darkened rooms, making the Marco Encore Automatic Chair the perfect choice for enhanced comfort and efficiency during patient examinations.

Product Features:

- Effortless Automatic Recline: The chair seamlessly transitions between upright, flat-table, and customized positions at the touch of a button, offering convenience and ease of use.
- Smooth Hydraulic System: The exclusive hydraulic mechanism guarantees a smooth and comfortable elevation and recline experience, ensuring a seamless transition between positions.
- Exceptionally Low Positioning: The hydraulic system allows the chair to lower to an exceptionally low position, facilitating easy access for elderly patients without compromising on the high-end elevation for practitioners.
- Backlit Flat Overlay Switches: The chair features illuminated switches on both sides, enhancing usability and efficiency during examinations in darkened rooms.

Product Benefits:

- Convenience and Efficiency: The automatic recline feature and user-friendly controls provide instant and effortless positioning, saving time and enhancing the efficiency of patient examinations.
- Smooth and Comfortable Experience: The hydraulic system ensures a silky smooth transition between positions, offering optimal comfort for both patients and practitioners.
- Easy Access for Elderly Patients: The ability to lower the chair to an exceptionally low position makes it easier for elderly patients to get on and off the chair, improving their overall comfort and safety.
- Enhanced Usability in Darkened Rooms: The backlit switches on both sides of the chair ensure easy visibility and accessibility, allowing for efficient operation in dimly lit examination rooms.


The enhanced Marco Deluxe 2 Console Ophthalmic Stand with Charging Wells sets a new standard in efficiency and instrument delivery systems. 

Product Features:

- Electronic Slit Lamp Arm Release Button: Effortlessly control the movement and positioning of the slit lamp arm, streamlining the examination process.
- Overhead Room Light Switch: Convenient access to room lighting for enhanced efficiency during examinations.
- Meticulous Hand-Finished Painting Process: Ten-step painting process ensures a flawless and visually appealing appearance.
- Competitive Pricing: Superior functionality and quality at a competitive price point.

Product Benefits:

- Streamlined Examination Process: The electronic slit lamp arm release button allows for easy control and positioning of the slit lamp arm, improving workflow and efficiency.
- Enhanced Efficiency: The overhead room light switch provides convenient access to room lighting, reducing the need for additional switches or controls.
- Aesthetic Appeal: The meticulous hand-finished painting process results in a flawless appearance, adding sophistication and visual appeal to your examination room.
- Superior Functionality and Durability: The Marco Deluxe 2 Stand upholds the brand's renowned standards of function, quality, and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.
- Competitive Pricing: Enjoy the benefits of a superior instrument stand without exceeding your budget.

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