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Ocular Yannuzzi Fundus Lens

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Product Description

Embark on a captivating journey into the depths of the eye's posterior pole with the Ocular Yannuzzi Fundus Lens. This extraordinary lens brings the intricate world of the macula and other structures to life, offering a sensory experience like no other. With its large scleral flange, this lens empowers ophthalmologists with unprecedented control during examination and treatment, allowing for precise navigation through the posterior pole. Discover the benefits of enhanced visualization and targeted intervention, as you uncover the secrets hidden within the depths of the eye.

Product Features:

- Large Scleral Flange: The Ocular Yannuzzi Fundus Lens is equipped with a large scleral flange that provides exceptional control and stability, ensuring precise examination and treatment of the posterior pole.
- Posterior Pole Focus: This lens is specifically designed to view and treat the posterior pole of the eye, making it an invaluable tool for conditions affecting the macula and other structures in this region.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Visualization: The lens offers an image magnification of 0.93x and a laser spot magnification of 1.08x, enabling clear and detailed visualization of the posterior pole, facilitating accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment.
- Greater Control: The large scleral flange provides enhanced control over the globe, allowing for precise manipulation and navigation during examination and treatment, resulting in improved procedural outcomes.
- Tailored for the Posterior Pole: Designed specifically for the posterior pole of the eye, this lens optimizes visualization and intervention in conditions that impact the macula and other structures in this region.

Technical Details:

- Model: Ocular Yannuzzi Fundus Lens
- Image Magnification: 0.93x
- Laser Spot Magnification: 1.08x
- Contact Diameter: 20mm
- Lens Height: 16.5mm
- Static Field of View: 36°

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