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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the realm of high-definition clarity and comprehensive examination with the Ocular OG3MHD-10 High Definition Three Mirror lens. Designed to explore the intricacies of both the fundus and the anterior chamber angle, this lens captivates with its exceptional image quality and unrivaled light transmission. Constructed with high index glass and featuring Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating, it guarantees optimal visualization, elevating your diagnostic capabilities to new heights.

Product Features:

- High Definition Optics: Crafted with high index glass and coated with Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating, the lens ensures maximum light transmission and unparalleled image brightness, enhancing the clarity of your visualizations.
- Three Mirrors: Embracing a 64° gonio mirror and two fundus mirrors with angles of 73° and 67°, this lens unveils a comprehensive view of the anterior chamber angle, eliminating any blind spots and facilitating precise laser and diagnostic applications.
- Wide Field of View: With a static gonio field of view spanning 150°, the lens allows for detailed examination of the anterior chamber angle, enabling you to capture comprehensive and accurate assessments.
- Image Magnification: With an image magnification of 0.65x, the lens presents crystal-clear and precise visualization of the examined structures, ensuring accurate diagnosis and evaluation.
- Laser Spot Magnification: The laser spot magnification is set at 1.54x, empowering you with the ability to perform accurate and targeted laser treatments, optimizing procedural outcomes.

Product Benefits:

- Superior Visualization: The Ocular OG3MHD-10 lens delivers unparalleled image quality, empowering you to visualize the fundus and anterior chamber angle with exceptional clarity, enhancing diagnostic precision.
- Comprehensive Examination: The three mirrors provide a comprehensive view of the eye, enabling clinicians to examine both the fundus and the anterior chamber angle, facilitating precise laser procedures and comprehensive diagnostics.
- Compatibility and Adaptability: The lens is compatible with visible and near infrared lasers, making it suitable for various laser applications in ophthalmology. It is recommended for use with 15mm or 17mm flange adapters, ensuring stability and compatibility.
- Simplified Procedures: The lens eliminates the need for methylcellulose during procedures, simplifying the process for both healthcare professionals and patients, enhancing overall efficiency and comfort.

Technical Details:

- Lens Model: Ocular OG3MHD-10 High Definition Three Mirror
- Image Mag: 0.65x
- Laser Spot Mag: 1.54x
- Contact Diameter: 10mm
- Lens Height: 25mm
- Static Gonio FOV: 150°

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