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Ocular MaxField High Mag 78D Lens

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Product Description

Experience the power of high magnification and intricate detail with the Ocular MaxField® High Mag 78D lens. This exceptional lens is crafted to provide unparalleled magnification, enabling you to delve deep into the nuances of examination and imaging. Immerse yourself in a world of enhanced clarity, where every intricate structure comes to life with astonishing precision. With a wide field of view and flexible positioning, this lens opens up new possibilities for comprehensive observation and analysis. Discover a lens that combines power, versatility, and stability, offering an unparalleled experience in examination and diagnostics.


- High Magnification: Designed to provide high magnification for detailed examination and imaging, revealing intricate structures with exceptional clarity.
- Image Magnification: Offers an image magnification of 0.98x, allowing for precise visualization and analysis.
- Laser Spot Magnification: Provides a laser spot magnification of 1.02x, enhancing focus and accuracy during examinations.
- Wide Field of View: Offers a static field of view of 88° and a dynamic field of view of 154°, enabling comprehensive observation and analysis.
- Flexible Positioning: With a working distance of 10mm, the lens allows for flexible positioning, accommodating different examination setups and patient needs.
- Optimal Visualization: Features a clear aperture of 29mm, allowing a large amount of light to pass through, ensuring optimal visualization of the target area.
- Stability and Ease of Use: Weighing 32g, the lens provides stability and ease of use during examinations, minimizing fatigue and enhancing the examination experience.

Technical Details:

- Image Magnification: 0.98x
- Laser Spot Magnification: 1.02x
- Static Field of View: 88°
- Dynamic Field of View: 154°
- Working Distance: 10mm
- Clear Aperture: 29mm
- Lens Weight: 32g

The Ocular MaxField® High Mag 78D lens combines high magnification, wide field of view, and flexible positioning to deliver exceptional examination and imaging capabilities. With its precise optics, optimal light transmission, and ergonomic design, this lens offers a transformative experience in detailed observation and diagnostics. Uncover new levels of clarity and precision with the Ocular MaxField® High Mag 78D lens and elevate your examination practice to new heights.

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