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Ocular MaxAC 28D Lens

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Product Description

Experience the epitome of ultra-high resolution retinal imaging with the Ocular MaxAC® 28D lens. Designed to elevate your clinical practice or operating room procedures, this exceptional lens pairs seamlessly with the B.I.O. (Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope) to deliver unparalleled visual clarity. Immerse yourself in a world of intricate details and expansive field of view, thanks to its computer-optimized aspheric design. Despite its compact size, the Ocular MaxAC® 28D lens guarantees effortless handling and exceptional performance. Notably, its steam autoclavable capability ensures impeccable hygiene between uses, providing you with peace of mind and uncompromised patient care. Please note that the lens does not come with an autoclavable case.


- Ultra-High Resolution: Unleash the power of ultra-high resolution retinal imaging, capturing even the tiniest details with exceptional clarity.
- Optimized Field of View: Benefit from the computer-optimized aspheric design that maximizes both resolution and field of view, enhancing your diagnostic capabilities.
- Easy Handling: Despite its small diameter, the Ocular MaxAC® 28D lens is designed for effortless handling, ensuring comfort and precision during examinations.
- Steam Autoclavable: Safeguard patient safety and maintain strict hygiene standards with the steam autoclavable capability, allowing for sterilization between uses.
- Versatile Application: Whether in clinical practice or the operating room, this lens is a reliable companion for a wide range of procedures.
- Uncompromised Performance: Experience outstanding image quality and performance that meet the rigorous demands of your practice.

Technical Details:

- Image Magnification: 2.15x
- Laser Spot Magnification: 0.47x
- Static Field of View: 59°
- Working Distance: 28mm
- Clear Aperture: 38mm
- Lens Weight: 36g

The Ocular MaxAC® 28D lens revolutionizes retinal imaging by offering an ultra-high resolution experience with the B.I.O. Its computer-optimized aspheric design ensures superior visual clarity and a wide field of view. With its steam autoclavable capability, this lens prioritizes hygiene and patient safety. Handle with ease and explore the intricate details of the retina with the Ocular MaxAC® 28D lens. Elevate your practice and deliver uncompromised care.

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