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Ocular 1.5X Magna View Gonio

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled brightness and clarity with the Ocular 1.5X Magna View Gonio lens. Through its innovative all-glass prism design, this lens revolutionizes the way you experience examination and treatment. Say goodbye to conventional mirror coatings and embrace the power of total internal reflection (TIR) mirrors, which capture and reflect 100% of available light. Prepare to embark on a journey of exceptional brightness and image quality that enhances diagnostic accuracy and procedural precision.

Product Features:

- All-Glass Prism Design: The Ocular 1.5X Magna View Gonio lens incorporates an all-glass prism design, offering superior brightness and clarity compared to lenses with traditional mirror coatings.
- Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Mirrors: By utilizing TIR mirrors, the lens maximizes light reflection, ensuring an exceptionally bright image for optimal visualization during examination and treatment.

Product Benefits:

- Unmatched Brightness: The TIR mirrors employed in the lens reflect 100% of available light, resulting in an extraordinary level of brightness that enhances the overall viewing experience.
- Enhanced Visualization and Clarity: The absence of mirror coatings and the utilization of TIR mirrors contribute to improved image quality, providing unparalleled visualization and clarity for precise diagnostics and treatments.

Technical Details:

- Lens Model: Ocular 1.5X Magna View Gonio
- Gonio Mag: 1.3x
- Gonio Laser Spot Mag: 0.77x
- Contact Diameter: 18mm
- Lens Height: 24.5mm
- Static Gonio Field of View: 160°

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