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Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp - Refurbished

$7,950.00 $7,450.00
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Product Description

Introducing the Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp at Premier Ophthalmic, a leap forward in ophthalmic diagnostic technology. The G5 Ultra combines ergonomic design with unparalleled precision, offering eye care professionals a superior diagnostic tool. Featuring advanced optics, adjustable illumination, and a comfortable, user-friendly interface, the Marco G5 Ultra ensures detailed and efficient eye examinations. Discover how the Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp can elevate your practice's diagnostic capabilities and enhance patient care on our website."

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Refurbished Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp: Experience Precision & Comfort

The Marco G5 Ultra slit lamp delivers exceptional image clarity and ergonomic design for your practice. Our refurbished models offer:

  • Superb Optics: Experience Marco's renowned optical quality for detailed examinations.
  • Five-Step Magnification: Effortlessly switch between magnifications for optimal viewing.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Designed with both patient and practitioner comfort in mind.
  • Warranty Included: Backed by a 90-day warranty, with options to extend.

Invest in precision and reliability with a refurbished Marco G5 Ultra slit lamp. Order yours today!

Experience the exceptional performance of the fully tested, cleaned, and refurbished Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp. This precision instrument is designed to provide accurate and detailed examination of the eye. With its advanced features and intuitive controls, it delivers unparalleled convenience and versatility. Benefit from the quality and precision of the Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp, and enjoy its user-friendly features that streamline your examination process and enhance your diagnostic capabilities.

Product Features:

- Six-degree converging binocular tubes with Galilean parallel magnification changer head: Provides a comfortable and immersive viewing experience, allowing for precise examination of the eye.
- Five-step magnification range from 6.3x to 40x: Offers a wide range of magnification options to suit different examination needs, eliminating the need for changing eyepieces and ensuring seamless workflow.
- Fingertip millimeter slit-width control: Allows for highly precise adjustment of the slit width, enabling detailed examination of the anterior segment of the eye.
- Single-handed elevation system: Facilitates easy and effortless positioning of the patient, providing optimal comfort during the examination process.

Technical details:

- Model: Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp
- Refurbished: Fully tested, cleaned, and refurbished to ensure excellent performance and reliability.
- Magnification range: 6.3x to 40x
- Slit-width control: Fingertip millimeter control for precise adjustments.
- Binocular tubes: Six-degree converging binocular tubes for enhanced viewing experience.
- Elevation system: Single-handed elevation system for easy patient positioning.


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