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Marco CP770 Auto Projector

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Product Description

Step into the world of precise visual acuity assessment with the Marco CP770 Auto Projector. Its sophisticated new design embodies elegance, combining compactness and lightness unlike any of its predecessors. The innovative maintenance-free LED illumination system illuminates with brilliance, producing a brighter and consistently high-resolution image. With instant random access to 33 popular charts through the infrared remote control, efficiency is at your fingertips. The smaller and more streamlined remote control enhances comfort, allowing seamless operation. Explore the versatility of chart masking buttons, isolating lines, letters, numbers, and characters for targeted assessment. With two maneuvering buttons, effortlessly navigate through the Snellen acuity range in a horizontal mask. The Marco CP770 Auto Projector empowers users with three separate programming buttons for individualized programs, while also offering an individual red/green chart and a separate red/green filter. Experience precision with the array of specialty and polarization charts, along with a range of Snellen, Numbers, Illiterate E, and Children's charts. Embrace modernity with the new wall and table mounts, featuring a unique tightening system for stability.

Product Features:

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The Marco CP770 Auto Projector presents a sophisticated and compact design that is smaller and lighter than previous models, ensuring portability and easy integration into any setting.
  • Maintenance-Free LED Illumination System: The new LED illumination system delivers brighter and more consistent high-resolution images, offering enhanced visual clarity for accurate assessments.
  • Instant Random Access: With infrared remote control, users can instantly access 33 popular charts, streamlining the testing process and improving efficiency.
  • Streamlined Remote Control: The smaller and more streamlined remote control design provides improved handling and ease of use for seamless operation.
  • Chart Masking Buttons: The projector features chart masking buttons that allow users to isolate individual lines, letters, numbers, and characters horizontally and vertically, facilitating targeted assessments.
  • Maneuvering Buttons: Two maneuvering buttons enable users to move up or down the Snellen acuity range a line at a time in a horizontal mask, providing precise control during visual acuity testing.
  • Three Programming Buttons: The projector offers three programming buttons to store separate programs for individual users, allowing for personalized and efficient assessments.
  • Specialty and Polarization Charts: The Marco CP770 Auto Projector includes 11 specialty and polarization charts, providing versatility and comprehensive testing options.
  • Wide Range of Charts: With 9 Snellen charts, 5 Numbers charts, 4 Illiterate E charts, and 3 Children's charts, the projector caters to various testing requirements, ensuring accuracy and flexibility.
  • Modern Mounting Options: The projector comes with new modern wall and table mounts that feature a unique tightening system, ensuring stability and easy adjustment.

Product Benefits:

  • Enhanced Portability and Integration: The compact and lightweight design of the Marco CP770 Auto Projector allows for easy transportation and seamless integration into any environment.
  • Improved Image Quality: The maintenance-free LED illumination system produces brighter and consistently high-resolution images, enabling precise visual acuity assessments.
  • Efficient Testing Process: The instant random access feature via infrared remote control streamlines the testing process, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The streamlined remote control design and intuitive chart masking buttons provide a comfortable and user-friendly experience during assessments.
  • Personalized Assessments: The three programming buttons allow for separate programs to be stored, facilitating personalized testing for individual users.
  • Versatile Chart Options: The projector offers a wide range of specialty, polarization, Snellen, Numbers, Illiterate E, and Children's charts, accommodating diverse testing needs.
  • Stable Mounting: The modern wall and table mounts with a unique tightening system ensure stability and easy adjustment, providing a reliable setup for accurate testing.

Technical Details:

  • Illumination System: LED
  • Chart Access: Instant random access via infrared remote control
  • Chart Types: 11 specialty/polarization charts, 9 Snellen charts, 5 Numbers charts, 4 Illiterate E charts, 3 Children's charts
  • Mounting Options: Wall mount and table mount with a unique tightening system

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