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  • Marco 101 Lensmeter

Marco 101 Lensmeter

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Product Description

Experience the newly redesigned Marco 101 LED Lensmeter, a versatile instrument that brings precision and efficiency to lens measurements. Whether you're measuring soft and hard contact lenses or conventional spectacle lenses, the Marco 101 Lensmeter is the perfect companion. With its compact deluxe design, 90-degree inclination, and deluxe features like a prism compensator and external power and axis readings, this lensmeter offers exceptional functionality and convenience. Its oversized lens table accommodates a wide range of lens diameters, making it suitable for both laboratory and office use. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your lens measurement capabilities with the Marco 101 Lensmeter.

Product Features:

- Compact Deluxe Design: The Marco 101 Lensmeter is designed to be compact and portable, ensuring convenience and ease of use in any setting.
- 90-Degree Inclination: The lensmeter's full 90-degree inclination facilitates accurate measurements of contact lenses when used in the vertical position, enhancing efficiency and precision.
- Deluxe Features: With a prism compensator, external power and axis readings, and an American-style crossline target, the Marco 101 Lensmeter provides advanced features for comprehensive lens measurements.
- Oversized Lens Table: The lensmeter's oversized lens table can accommodate conventional lenses ranging from 30 to 90 millimeters in diameter, offering versatility and flexibility in lens measurement.
- Suitable for Laboratory and Office Use: The Marco 101 Lensmeter is well suited for both laboratory and office settings, making it a reliable tool for various applications.

Product Benefits:

- Precise Lens Measurements: The Marco 101 Lensmeter ensures accurate and reliable measurements of soft and hard contact lenses, as well as conventional spectacle lenses, allowing for precise prescription determination.
- Convenient and Efficient: With its compact design and deluxe features, the lensmeter offers convenience and efficiency in lens measurements, streamlining the process for eye care professionals.
- Versatile Applications: The lensmeter's ability to measure a wide range of lens diameters makes it suitable for various settings, including laboratories and offices, providing flexibility in lens analysis.

Technical Details:

- LED illumination
- Prism compensator
- External power and axis readings
- American-style crossline target
- Oversized lens table (30 to 90mm diameter)
- Suitable for measuring soft and hard contact lenses and conventional spectacle lenses
- Compact and portable design
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