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  • Legend Slit Lamp Bulb 12v 30w

Legend Slit Lamp Bulb 12v 30w

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Product Description

The Legend Slit Lamp Bulb is a high-performance lighting solution designed specifically for use with the Legend Slit Lamp. With its compatibility and advanced specifications, this 12V 30W bulb ensures optimal illumination for clear and detailed examinations. Experience the benefits of bright and focused lighting that enhances the examination process, enabling healthcare professionals to visualize and analyze with precision. Regular bulb replacement guarantees consistent and reliable performance, ensuring uninterrupted usage of the Legend Slit Lamp for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.

Product Features:

- Compatibility: The Legend Slit Lamp Bulb is compatible with the Legend Slit Lamp, providing a seamless fit and optimal performance.
- Advanced Specifications: This bulb operates at 12V and 30W, delivering the necessary power for effective illumination during examinations.
- Optimal Illumination: Designed to provide the necessary illumination, this bulb ensures clear and detailed visualization for accurate analysis.

Product Benefits:

- Clear and Detailed Examinations: The Legend Slit Lamp Bulb offers bright and focused lighting, allowing healthcare professionals to conduct examinations with clarity and precision.
- Enhanced Visualization: Experience improved visibility of the examined area, enabling healthcare professionals to identify subtle details and abnormalities.
- Reliable Performance: Regular bulb replacement ensures consistent and reliable performance, minimizing downtime and maximizing the usability of the Legend Slit Lamp.

Technical Details:

- Compatibility: Compatible with the Legend Slit Lamp.
- Voltage: Operates at 12V.
- Wattage: Operates at 30W.

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