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Keeler R900 Applanation Tonometer

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Product Description

Experience precise and reliable intraocular pressure measurements with the Keeler Digital Applanation Tonometer R900. This specialized device, designed to complement the Keeler H series slit lamp with tower illumination, offers convenience and accuracy in the field of ophthalmology. The Keeler Digital Applanation Tonometer R900 seamlessly combines digital technology with the reliability of the Goldmann principle. Its compatibility, LED display, and adherence to strict manufacturing standards make it an indispensable tool for ophthalmologists and eye care professionals, ensuring accurate and efficient intraocular pressure measurements.

Design and Functionality:

- Digital R-Type Style: The tonometer features an R-type style that allows for easy swinging in and out of position without the need for removal, ensuring seamless examination workflow.
- Compatibility: Specifically designed to be used with the Keeler H series slit lamp with tower illumination, providing a comprehensive and integrated solution.
- Calibration Arm: Each unit includes a calibration arm to maintain accuracy during measurements, ensuring consistent and reliable results.
- Reusable Tonometer Cone: The tonometer is accompanied by a reusable tonometer cone, promoting convenience and cost-effectiveness in daily practice.

Goldmann Principle:

- Widely Accepted Method: The tonometer employs the Goldmann principle, which is considered the most prevalent and widely accepted method for tonometry, ensuring consistency and compatibility with established protocols.
- Approximate Intraocular Pressure: By utilizing the Goldmann principle, the tonometer aids in determining the approximate intraocular pressure, a crucial parameter in ophthalmology diagnosis and management.

Accuracy and Quality:

- Keeler Manufacturing: Manufactured by Keeler, a trusted brand renowned for its commitment to accuracy and quality, ensuring confidence in the reliability of measurements.
- Exacting Standards: The Goldmann tonometers are meticulously designed and built to Keeler's exacting standards, guaranteeing precision and consistency in measurements.

LED Display:

- Bright LED Display: Equipped with a bright LED display, the tonometer provides clear visibility of readings, facilitating ease of use even in dimly lit environments.
- Decimal Point Reading: The display presents readings to 1 decimal point, enhancing accuracy and readability of the measured values, allowing for precise interpretation.

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