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Ishihara Color Testing Book

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in the world of color vision testing with the Ishihara Color Testing Book. This reliable and straightforward method is designed to detect congenital color vision deficiencies, providing accurate diagnoses and valuable insights. With its range of plate versions and comprehensive testing capabilities, this testing book ensures reliable and precise results, making it an essential tool for color blindness testing.

Product Features:

- 14-Plate Version: Includes plates with numbers (11 plates) and winding lines (3 plates), allowing assessment of Protanomaly, Deuteranomaly, Dichromasy, Protanopia, and Deuteranopia.
- Special Plates for Defect Determination: Incorporates four special plates designed to determine the type and degree of color vision defects, enhancing the accuracy of diagnoses.
- Secure Album-Type Design: The color plates are securely enclosed in specially designed album-type books, ensuring ease of handling during the testing process.
- Expandable with Additional Plates: Additional test plates can be purchased to enhance the comprehensiveness of the test, catering to specific testing needs.

Product Benefits:

- Reliable Congenital Deficiency Detection: The Ishihara Color Testing Book provides a reliable method for detecting congenital color vision deficiencies, enabling accurate diagnoses.
- Easy Handling: The secure album-type design of the color plates allows for easy handling during the testing process, ensuring convenience for both the tester and the test subject.
- Accurate Color Blindness Testing: Unlike online Ishihara patterns viewed on computer monitors, this color vision test is specifically designed to yield accurate results, ensuring precise determination of color blindness and its severity.
- Dependable Color Representation: The official Ishihara album-type books offer consistent and reliable color reproduction, eliminating variations that can occur with computer monitors or home-printed versions.
- Flexibility for Different Testing Needs: The Ishihara Color Testing Book is available in different versions (10-plate, 14-plate, 24-plate, and 38-plate), offering flexibility and adaptability for various testing scenarios.
- Simplified Testing for Children and Individuals with Cognitive Conditions: The 10-plate version, without numbers, provides simplified testing suitable for children and individuals with cognitive conditions who may have difficulty identifying numbers.

Technical Details:

- Ishihara Color Testing Book for color vision testing
- 14-Plate Version: 11 plates with numbers, 3 plates with winding lines
- Secure album-type design for color plates
- Additional plates available for expanded testing
- Different versions: 10-plate, 14-plate, 24-plate, and 38-plate tests

The Ishihara Color Testing Book is a trusted and comprehensive tool for identifying and assessing color vision deficiencies. With its range of versions, secure design, and accurate color representation, this testing book ensures reliable results and precise diagnoses. Whether for basic testing or in-depth assessments, the Ishihara Color Testing Book is a valuable asset in the field of color blindness testing.

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