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Heine Rechargeable Battery Cells for mPack Unplugged

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Product Description

The Heine Rechargeable Battery Cells are specifically designed for use with the OMEGA 500 Indirect Binocular Ophthalmoscope UNPLUGGED and 3S LED HeadLight UNPLUGGED. These battery cells offer a lightweight and comfortable solution, providing a reliable power source for extended use. With their compact design and advanced features, these battery cells ensure convenient and efficient operation.

Product Features:

- Lightweight Design: The battery cells are designed with a lightweight construction, offering ease of use and minimizing fatigue during extended periods of operation.
- Balanced Weight Distribution: The cells are engineered with balanced weight distribution, providing optimal comfort and reducing strain during use.
- LED Charge Status Display: The battery cells feature an LED charge status display, allowing for easy monitoring of the battery level and ensuring timely recharging.
- LED Display for Remaining Operating Time: An LED display indicates the remaining operating time, enabling users to plan their activities accordingly.
- Versatile Charging Options: The battery cells can be recharged using a wall unit or plug-in transformer, providing flexibility and convenience.
- Direct Operation While Charging: With the mobile plug-in transformer, the battery cells allow for direct operation while charging, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.
- Quick Charging Time: The cells have a fast charging time of just 2 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.
- Extended Operating Time: Once fully charged, the battery cells provide an operating time of 2 hours, offering extended usage before requiring a recharge.
- Intelligent Charging System: The cells incorporate an intelligent charging system that ensures efficient and battery-friendly charging, maximizing the lifespan of the cells.
- Safety and Compliance: The battery cells meet top safety standards and are UL-compliant, ensuring reliable and secure operation.
- Integrated Charge and Performance Checks: During operation, the cells perform integrated charge and performance checks, maintaining optimal performance levels.
- Lithium Polymer Technology: Utilizing lithium polymer technology with selected non-flammable materials, the cells deliver reliable power and safety.
- Registered Design: The battery cells feature a registered design, showcasing their unique and innovative characteristics.

Technical Details:

- Compatibility: Designed for use with the OMEGA 500 Indirect Binocular Ophthalmoscope UNPLUGGED and 3S LED HeadLight UNPLUGGED.
- Charging Time: 2 hours.
- Operating Time: 2 hours.
- Safety Compliance: UL-compliant.
- Technology: Lithium polymer with selected non-flammable materials.

Enhance your workflow with the Heine Rechargeable Battery Cells. Experience lightweight comfort, reliable power, and advanced features, ensuring efficient and convenient operation for the OMEGA 500 Indirect Binocular Ophthalmoscope UNPLUGGED and 3S LED HeadLight UNPLUGGED.

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