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Heine Omega 500 DV1 Video Indirect

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Product Description

The HEINE Omega 500 DV1 Video Indirect Ophthalmoscope is a compact and efficient unit that combines the convenience of an integrated camera with the exceptional optical system of the ophthalmoscope. With its high-resolution imaging capabilities and easy sharing of examination techniques and results, this device enables effective patient education. The HEINE Omega 500 embodies the qualities of performance, function, and durability, providing tangible benefits and value to end-users.

Product Features:

- High-resolution imaging: Capture high-quality videos or still images for easy sharing and patient education.
- Simple operation: Start recording, and the image seen through the OMEGA 500 will be displayed on the screen.
- Comfortable and balanced fit: The OMEGA 500 headband ensures a comfortable fit and evenly distributes the low weight of the compact camera and optics.

- Integrated focus adjustment: Easily accessible focus adjustment and high depth of focus enable crisp and in-focus imaging.
- Interface and software: Connects to any laptop or computer via USB 2.0 interface and includes software for video recording and image capture.
- Cable-free power source: Utilizes the mPack UNPLUGGED rechargeable battery system for convenient and portable use.

- Integrated camera design: Precise alignment with the ophthalmoscope's optical system eliminates the need for further mirror adjustments for digital imaging.
- Robust and dustproof design: Provides long-lasting performance and protection against dust.
- HEINE's 5-year guarantee: Reflects the commitment to manufacturing high-quality medical instruments that exceed requirements in any medical environment.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced sharing and education: The high camera resolution allows for clear and detailed visualization, facilitating effective patient education on their diagnosis.
- Efficient and convenient operation: The integrated camera and optical system eliminate the need for additional equipment or adjustments, streamlining the examination process.
- Comfort and balance: The ergonomic design of the headband ensures a comfortable fit, minimizing fatigue during extended use.
- Versatile connectivity: The USB interface and included software enable easy connection to laptops or computers for recording and sharing examinations.

Technical Details:

- Camera Resolution: 1,280 x 960 pixels.
- Interface: USB 2.0.
- Power Source: mPack UNPLUGGED rechargeable battery system.
- Warranty: HEINE's 5-year guarantee.

At HEINE, every aspect of instrument quality is meticulously controlled through vertical integration, guaranteeing the highest standards from material selection to hand assembly. The HEINE Omega 500 DV1 Video Indirect Ophthalmoscope exemplifies this commitment to quality, delivering superior performance, convenient functionality, and long-lasting durability in medical environments.

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