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Heine NT4 Charger

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Product Description

Experience the convenience and reliability of the Heine NT4 Charger, a table charger designed specifically for charging BETA4 NT rechargeable handles. This practical and space-saving charger provides a reliable solution for healthcare professionals, ensuring their handles are always ready for use. The Heine NT4 Charger offers a reliable and efficient solution for charging BETA4 NT rechargeable handles. Its practical design, complete functionality, automatic switch-off feature, and charging mode confirmation provide convenience, extended battery life, and peace of mind for healthcare professionals.

Product Features:

- Practical and Space-Saving Design: The NT4 Charger efficiently charges one or two handles at a time, optimizing space and providing a convenient charging solution.
- Complete Functionality: The charger is capable of charging the handles regardless of their current state of charge, ensuring that the rechargeable battery is fully charged and ready for use.
- Automatic Switch-Off: Once the battery is fully charged, the charger automatically switches off to prevent overcharging. This feature protects the battery and helps to maintain its optimal performance.
- Charging Mode Confirmation: The charging compartment of the charger emits light pulses to confirm the charging mode, providing visual feedback to indicate the ongoing charging process.

Product Benefits:

- Convenient Charging Solution: The NT4 Charger allows healthcare professionals to conveniently charge their BETA4 NT rechargeable handles, ensuring they are always ready for use.
- Extended Battery Life: By fully charging the handles and preventing overcharging, the charger helps to extend the overall lifespan of the rechargeable battery.
- Peace of Mind: The automatic switch-off feature and visual feedback provide peace of mind, knowing that the handles are being charged safely and effectively.

Technical Details:

- Compatible Handles: BETA4 NT rechargeable handles
- Charging Capacity: One or two handles at a time
- Charging Mode Confirmation: Light pulses in the charging compartment
- Automatic Switch-Off: Yes

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