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  • Haag Streit BM-900 Slit Lamp Bulb

Haag Streit Style BMV 900 Slit Lamp Bulb

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Product Description

Illuminate your examination with the Haag Streit BMV-900 slit lamp using our specially designed incandescent bulb. With its clear finish and reliable performance, this bulb enhances the clarity and precision of your observations. Experience the vibrant illumination and ensure accurate diagnoses with this high-quality Haag Streit equivalent bulb.

Product Features:

- Clear Finish: The bulb features a clear finish for optimal light transmission and enhanced visibility.
- 6V Operation: Designed to operate at 6 volts, providing the appropriate power for the Haag Streit BMV-900 slit lamp.
- Current of 4.5A: Operates at a current of 4.5A, delivering the necessary brightness for detailed examinations.
- Long Life: With an average life of 100 hours, the bulb offers reliable and long-lasting performance.
- Haag Streit Equivalent: This bulb is a high-quality equivalent to the original Haag Streit bulb, ensuring compatibility and meeting your expectations.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Visibility: The clear finish of the bulb ensures optimal light transmission, enhancing the visibility of ocular structures during examinations.
- Precise Diagnoses: With reliable and bright illumination, this bulb enables accurate diagnoses and detailed observations.
- Long-lasting Performance: Enjoy extended usage with the bulb's average life of 100 hours, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
- Compatible and Reliable: As a Haag Streit equivalent bulb, it provides compatibility and reliability, meeting the standards of the original manufacturer.

Technical Details:

- Compatibility: Designed for use with the Haag Streit BMV-900 slit lamp.
- Bulb Type: Incandescent bulb.
- Voltage: 6V operation.
- Current: 4.5A.
- Average Life: 100 hours.

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