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Essilor ALM 800 Auto-Lensmeter


Product Description

Immerse yourself in the world of precise and effortless lens measurements with the Essilor ALM 800 Auto-Lensmeter. This cutting-edge device not only provides accurate lens measurements but also offers the ability to assess harmful and beneficial blue light transmission. With innovative features and user-friendly design, the ALM 800 enhances efficiency and accuracy in lens assessment, making it an indispensable tool for eye care professionals. Its ergonomic design and data transfer capabilities further contribute to a streamlined examination workflow, ensuring a seamless experience. The Essilor ALM 800 Auto-Lensmeter combines advanced technology with user-friendly features to provide accurate and efficient lens measurements. With its UV transmission measurement, blue light assessment, interpupillary distance measurement, prism marking, ergonomic design, and data transfer capabilities, it revolutionizes the lens assessment process for eye care professionals, ensuring exceptional precision and ease of use.

Product Features:

- UV Transmission Measurement: Simultaneously measures lens power and transmission of ultraviolet (UV) light without additional manual manipulation, providing accurate UV transmission measurements.

- Quantification and Display of Blue Light: Incorporates a unique 3-LED system dedicated to measuring blue light, quantifying and displaying the transmission of beneficial circadian blue light, as well as the percentage of harmful blue light and UV blocked by the lenses.

- Interpupillary Distance Measurement: Provides measurements of both monocular and binocular interpupillary distances, featuring an exclusive design with two independent bridge supports for simple and efficient operations.

- Guided and Automated Prism Marking: Facilitates lens centering by automatically tracking the target with pre-entered prism values, eliminating the need for additional manual adjustments.

- Ergonomic Use: Designed with user convenience in mind, featuring simple handling and a responsive touch-screen interface. The adjustable screen position and adaptable lens support accommodate various lens and frame curves.

- Data Transfer: Offers seamless data transfer capabilities, allowing measurement values to be transferred to automatic phoropters and Patient Management Software (PMS), simplifying record-keeping and analysis.

Product Benefits:

- Precise Lens Measurements: The ALM 800 delivers accurate lens measurements, including UV transmission and blue light assessment, enabling eye care professionals to provide customized solutions for their patients.

- Enhanced Efficiency: Innovative features such as automated prism marking and simultaneous measurements streamline the examination process, saving time and improving overall efficiency.

- User-Friendly Design: The device's ergonomic design and responsive touch-screen interface ensure user convenience and ease of operation, making lens assessment a seamless experience.

- Streamlined Workflow: With data transfer capabilities, the ALM 800 simplifies record-keeping and analysis by seamlessly transferring measurement values to automatic phoropters and Patient Management Software (PMS).

Technical Details:

- UV Transmission Measurement: Simultaneous measurement of lens power and UV transmission
- Blue Light Assessment: Quantification and display of beneficial and harmful blue light transmission
- Interpupillary Distance Measurement: Measurement of monocular and binocular interpupillary distances
- Prism Marking: Guided and automated prism marking with pre-entered values
- Ergonomics: Adjustable screen position and adaptable lens support for user convenience
- Data Transfer: Capabilities for transferring measurement values to automatic phoropters and Patient Management Software (PMS)

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