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Essilor AKR300 Auto Kerato-Refractometer


Product Description

Experience the convenience and intelligence of our smart refraction solution, designed to enhance your practice. Our convenient and smart refraction solution offers easy and fast measurements, an intuitive interface, and a compact and ergonomic design. With features such as integrated periphery keratometry measurement, flexible measurement protocols, and assisted measurement function, it provides accurate and customizable results. The convenience of instant access to stored measurements and the support of "Live Mode" technology further enhance the user experience. Its compact and ergonomic design ensures patient comfort and efficient use of space in your practice.

Product Features:

Easy and Fast Measurements:
- Integrated periphery keratometry measurement for contact lens fitting, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate fitting.
- Simple measurements of cornea, pupil, and hard contact lens diameters, providing comprehensive data for analysis.
- Flexible measurement protocols for customization, allowing you to tailor the measurements to your specific requirements.

Intuitive Usage:
- Instant access and display of the last 10 measurements stored in memory, enabling quick reference and comparison.
- Assisted measurement function for more accurate results, assisting you in achieving precise measurements.
- Unique "Live Mode" technology to assist eye care professionals, providing real-time guidance and support during the measurement process.

Compact and Ergonomic:
- 5.7" TFT LCD color touchscreen with a 90-degree tilt capability, ensuring optimal visibility and user comfort.
- Motorized chin rest for easy patient positioning, enhancing the efficiency of the examination process.
- Quick access to settings and measurement modes, saving time and improving workflow.

Product Benefits:

- Efficiency and Speed: The easy and fast measurements streamline the refraction process, saving time for both the practitioner and the patient.

- Customization: The flexible measurement protocols allow you to adapt the measurements to suit your specific needs, ensuring accurate and personalized results.

- Enhanced Accuracy: The assisted measurement function and "Live Mode" technology support eye care professionals in achieving precise and reliable measurements.

- Convenience and User-Friendliness: The intuitive interface, instant access to stored measurements, and quick settings and measurement mode access contribute to a seamless and user-friendly experience.

- Comfort and Space Optimization: The compact and ergonomic design, including the tilting touchscreen and motorized chin rest, provides patient comfort and helps optimize space in your practice.

Technical Details:

- Convenient and smart refraction solution
- 5.7" TFT LCD color touchscreen with 90-degree tilt capability
- Integrated periphery keratometry measurement
- Measurement of cornea, pupil, and hard contact lens diameters
- Flexible measurement protocols
- Assisted measurement function
- "Live Mode" technology
- Motorized chin rest

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