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  • AO Manual Projector Bulb

AO Project-O-Chart Manual Projector Bulb

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Product Description

The AO Project-O-Chart Manual Projector Bulb is a high-quality replacement bulb specially designed for American Optical (AO) Project-O-Chart projectors. With its reliable performance and long-lasting lifespan, this bulb ensures optimal projection quality for your presentations and visual displays.

Product Features:

- Compatibility: The bulb is specifically designed for American Optical (AO) Project-O-Chart projectors, ensuring a perfect fit and compatibility.
- High-Quality Construction: The bulb is crafted with precision and attention to detail, guaranteeing excellent performance and durability.
- Long Average Life: With an average lifespan of 50 hours, this bulb provides extended usage before requiring replacement.
- EiKo 50W 130V: The bulb is rated at 50 Watts and operates at 130 Volts, delivering the necessary brightness and power for clear and vivid projections.

Product Benefits:

- Optimal Projection Quality: The AO Project-O-Chart Manual Projector Bulb ensures crisp and vibrant projections, enhancing the visual impact of your presentations and displays.
- Easy Replacement: Installing the replacement bulb is quick and straightforward, minimizing downtime and ensuring smooth operation of your projector.
- Longevity: With an average life of 50 hours, this bulb offers a reliable and long-lasting solution for your projector's lighting needs.
- Compatibility Assurance: Designed specifically for AO Project-O-Chart projectors, this bulb guarantees compatibility and reliable performance.

Technical Details:

- Compatibility: Designed for American Optical (AO) Project-O-Chart projectors.
- Bulb Type: EiKo 50W 130V projector bulb.
- Average Life: 50 hours.

Upgrade your American Optical (AO) Project-O-Chart projector with the AO Project-O-Chart Manual Projector Bulb. Experience outstanding projection quality and reliable performance, ensuring your presentations and visual displays captivate and engage your audience.

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