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Topcon CT-80 Non Contact Tonometer

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Product Description

The Topcon CT-80 Computerized Tonometer revolutionizes the process of measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) by providing enhanced ease and comfort for patients. Its advanced features ensure accurate and efficient measurements while prioritizing patient safety. The Topcon CT-80 Computerized Tonometer offers eye care professionals an advanced and user-friendly solution for intraocular pressure measurements. With its advanced features, patient comfort, accurate readings, streamlined workflow, and focus on patient safety, the CT-80 is a reliable and efficient tonometry device.

Product Features:

- Dual Sensor System: Utilizes an innovative dual sensor system for accurate IOP measurements, enhancing reliability and precision.

- Triple Patient Safety Function: Prioritizes patient well-being with a triple safety function, minimizing the risk of potential harm or discomfort.

- Improved Measurement Time: Incorporates a new alignment bar and improved air cylinder, reducing interval time between measurements by 30% for faster and more efficient sessions.

- Built-in Printer: Equipped with a built-in printer for immediate documentation of measurement results, simplifying record-keeping and enhancing workflow efficiency.

- Fast, Easy, and Accurate Readings: Ensures fast, easy, and accurate IOP readings, streamlining the tonometry process and saving time for patients and healthcare professionals.

- Internal Fixation Target: Incorporates an internal fixation target to facilitate patient cooperation during measurements, improving accuracy and reliability.

- Auto Measurement: Offers an auto measurement feature for user convenience, automating the tonometry process and reducing the potential for errors.

Product Benefits:

- Enhanced Patient Comfort: The CT-80 prioritizes patient comfort, ensuring a more comfortable tonometry experience compared to traditional methods.

- Accurate Measurements: The dual sensor system and advanced technology provide accurate and reliable IOP measurements, supporting precise diagnosis and treatment decisions.

- Streamlined Workflow: The built-in printer and efficient measurement time contribute to streamlined workflow and improved efficiency in the clinical setting.

- Improved Patient Safety: The triple patient safety function minimizes the risk of potential harm or discomfort during tonometry, prioritizing patient safety.

Technical Details:

- Advanced dual sensor system for accurate IOP measurements.
- Triple safety function for enhanced patient well-being.
- Improved measurement time with a 30% reduction in interval time.
- Built-in printer for immediate documentation of results.
- Internal fixation target for improved patient cooperation.
- Auto measurement feature for user convenience.

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