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SL650 Digital Slit Lamp and Camera | SL650+ with Dry Eye Module

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ES-N-SL650 (KIT)

Product Description

Experience superior image quality and advanced patient management capabilities with the SL650 digital slit lamp and camera. This cutting-edge device, combined with the powerful Anaeyes SL software, revolutionizes eye assessments and patient care by providing high-resolution images and videos with ease. The SL650 digital slit lamp and camera empower optometrists and ophthalmologists with advanced imaging capabilities, streamlined patient management, and comprehensive dry eye assessment. Elevate your practice with the SL650 and experience efficient eye examinations and improved patient care.

Product Features:

1. Improved Image Quality and Facilitated Diagnosis:
- High-resolution images and videos for precise and detailed assessments.
- Yellow and blue-cobalt filters for high-contrast fluorescein images, ensuring accurate contact lens fittings.

2. Digitally-Optimized Patient Management:
- Integrated Anaeyes software and DICOM support for seamless patient management from data creation to progress monitoring.
- Easy recording and sharing of high-quality images with patients, facilitating education and trust-building.

3. Simplified Ergonomics and Enhanced Analysis:
- Automatic functions, easy installation, and built-in power supply for user-friendly operation.
- Advanced integrated infrared system for meibography assessment.
- Efficient measurement of pathology, image settings editing, image comparison, and patient monitoring.

4. SL650+ with Dry Eye Module:
- Upgrade to the SL650+ for a comprehensive dry eye assessment.
- Five non-invasive tests: meibography, NIBUT (non-invasive break-up time), eye redness analysis, tear meniscus height, and lipid layer thickness.
- Advanced software and AI-powered identification system for accurate imaging analysis.
- Generation and sharing of complete dry eye reports with patients.

Product Benefits:

- Superior Image Quality: Precise and detailed assessments for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.
- Streamlined Patient Management: Seamless data management and progress monitoring.
- Enhanced Patient Education: High-quality image sharing for educational purposes.
- Efficient Workflow: User-friendly operation and advanced analysis features.
- Comprehensive Dry Eye Assessment (SL650+): Accurate analysis and complete reports.

Technical Details:

- Availability and specific features may vary, please click the "Get Pricing/More Info" tab for further information and to get in contact with us.

Please note that availability and specific features may vary, so it's recommended to click the "Get Pricing/More Info" tab and get in contact with us!

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