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Ocular MaxField 22D Lens

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Product Description

Experience the world of enhanced visualization and precision with our exceptional lens. With a larger aperture and field of view compared to a 20D lens, it immerses you in a realm of unparalleled clarity during examinations. The computer-optimized aspheric design ensures maximum resolution, delivering crystal-clear images that reveal intricate details.


- Expanded Aperture and Field of View: Enjoy an enhanced visual experience with a larger aperture and field of view, enabling comprehensive and detailed visualization during examinations.
- Advanced Aspheric Design: The computer-optimized aspheric design maximizes resolution and field of view, ensuring clear and detailed images for precise diagnosis and evaluation.
- Personalized Style: Choose your preferred holding ring color from a range of options, including red, blue, green, gold, purple, or the classic black, allowing for personalization and individual style.
- Innovative Anti-Reflective Coating: Our Laserlight® HD anti-reflective coating reduces reflections, enhancing image quality and providing a clearer view of the examination area.
- Balanced Magnification: With an image magnification of 2.73x and a laser spot magnification of 0.37x, the lens offers a balanced level of magnification, enabling detailed examination of the target area.
- Comprehensive Field of View: The static field of view of 60° allows for a comprehensive visual assessment, capturing a wide range of details and facilitating accurate diagnosis.
- Comfortable Working Distance: The lens provides a comfortable working distance of 39mm, ensuring ease of use and enhanced comfort for both the examiner and the patient during examinations.
- Optimal Light Transmission: With a larger clear aperture of 52mm, the lens maximizes the transmission of light, resulting in brighter and more detailed images for improved visualization.
- Lightweight Design: Despite its advanced features, the lens remains lightweight at 73g, providing comfort during extended examination sessions.

Technical Details:

- Image Magnification: 2.73x
- Laser Spot Magnification: 0.37x
- Static Field of View: 60°
- Working Distance: 39mm
- Clear Aperture: 52mm
- Lens Weight: 73g

Unlock a new level of visualization and precision with our remarkable lens. With its larger aperture and field of view, advanced aspheric design, personalized style options, innovative anti-reflective coating, balanced magnification, comprehensive field of view, comfortable working distance, optimal light transmission, and lightweight design, this lens ensures exceptional clarity, precise diagnosis, and enhanced comfort during examinations. Elevate your examination experience with our extraordinary lens.

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