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Topcon Signal Handheld Retinal Camera

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TP-N-Signal Complete Kit

Product Description

Experience the power of mobility and convenience with the Topcon SIGNAL handheld retinal camera. This cutting-edge imaging solution is designed for non-mydriatic retinal examination, providing true color images and videos of the macula and optic disc. With its lightweight and portable design, the SIGNAL camera offers flexibility and ease of use, allowing for comprehensive retinal screening and documentation. The Topcon SIGNAL handheld retinal camera is the ultimate solution for non-mydriatic retinal examination. Its flexibility, ease of use, wide field of view, and efficient image analysis make it an invaluable tool for eye care professionals. Embrace the convenience of mobility and ensure comprehensive retinal screenings with the Topcon SIGNAL handheld retinal camera.

Product Features:

1. Ultra-Lightweight and Portable:
- Compact and easy to carry, enabling mobility in various clinical settings.
- Allows for convenient use and accessibility during examinations.

2. Impressive Battery Life:
- Up to 5 hours of continuous operation, ensuring uninterrupted usage throughout the day.
- Eliminates the need for frequent charging, enhancing workflow efficiency.

3. Auto-Focus Function:
- Enables fast and effortless image acquisition.
- Ensures clear images, even in challenging cases.

4. Wide Field of View:
- Nine fixation targets provide a comprehensive view of the retina.
- Allows for examination of both central and peripheral areas, aiding in the evaluation of retinal health.

5. Image Quality Analysis Tool:
- Quick evaluation of image parameters, including brightness, reflection, shadowing, and sharpness.
- Enables efficient assessment of image quality and informed diagnostic decisions.

Product Benefits:

- Mobility and Convenience: Easily carry the camera to different locations for retinal examinations.
- Efficient Workflow: Long battery life and auto-focus function contribute to seamless operations.
- Comprehensive Retinal Examination: Wide field of view ensures thorough evaluation of retinal health.
- Informed Diagnostic Decisions: Image analysis tool provides quick assessment of image quality.

Please note that availability and specific features may vary, so it's recommended to contact our team for more information and to explore how the Topcon SIGNAL camera can enhance your clinical practice.

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