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S4Optik K-1 Keratometer

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RM-N-K1 Keratometer

Product Description

Elevate your corneal measurements to new heights with the S4Optik K-1 Keratometer. This advanced instrument seamlessly combines modern technology with a proven design, delivering accurate and efficient corneal measurements in a quick and easy manner. Experience the convenience and reliability of this instrument as it enhances your practice with its innovative features and user-friendly functionality. Experience the exceptional accuracy and convenience of the S4Optik K-1 Keratometer. Its advanced features, user-friendly design, and reliable construction make it the ideal instrument for precise corneal measurements. Upgrade your practice with the efficiency and accuracy of the K-1 Keratometer, setting new standards in corneal assessment.

Product Features:

1. One-Position Instrument:
- Measures both meridians of the cornea without the need to change the optical system.
- Saves time and streamlines the examination process for enhanced efficiency.

2. Subjective Review of Corneal Surface:
- Enables subjective evaluation of the corneal surface for comprehensive assessment and informed decision-making.
- Provides valuable insights into the condition of the cornea and aids in treatment planning.

3. Measurement Dials:
- Equipped with measurement dials that display both dioptre and millimeter values.
- Offers dual information display for improved accuracy and convenience during measurements.

4. Built-In Contact Lens Holder:
- Includes a built-in contact lens holder for measuring hard contact lenses.
- Expands the versatility of the instrument, accommodating a wider range of patients and measurement needs.

5. Sturdy Construction:
- Built with durability in mind, ensuring reliable performance and an extended lifetime.
- Withstands frequent use and maintains consistent results over time, enhancing reliability in clinical practice.

Product Benefits:

- Accuracy and Efficiency: The K-1 Keratometer provides accurate corneal measurements in a quick and easy manner, improving the efficiency of your practice.
- Comprehensive Evaluation: With the subjective review of the corneal surface, you can obtain a comprehensive assessment, enabling informed decision-making for better patient outcomes.
- Convenience and Versatility: The measurement dials and built-in contact lens holder offer convenience and versatility, accommodating various measurement needs and expanding the instrument's functionality.
- Durability and Reliability: The sturdy construction ensures a long-lasting and reliable performance, delivering consistent results over time and supporting the demands of your practice.

Technical Details:

- Measurement Type: Keratometer
- Display: Dual measurement dials (dioptre and millimeter values)
- Contact Lens Holder: Built-in for measuring hard contact lenses
- Construction: Sturdy and durable design for reliable performance

Please note that specific features and availability may vary, so it is recommended to contact our team for more information and to explore how the S4Optik K-1 can enhance your practice.

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