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Nidek ARK-530A Autorefractor & Keratometer - Refurbished

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Product Description

Refurbished Nidek ARK-530A Autorefractor Keratometer 

Highly Accurate Refractometer

The combination of new measuring principle - Pupil Zone Imaging Method - and unique technology - SLD - offers high accuracy and reliability in refraction measurement.

Pupil Zone Imaging Method: The NIDEK ARK-530A adopts the advanced Pupil Zone Imaging Method for refraction measurement, which analyzes a wider area (Max. ø4 mm) to obtain more reliable and realistic data that is closer to manifest refraction

SLD (Super Luminescent Diode): The ARK-530A uses the SLD (Super Luminescent Diode) and highly sensitive CCD device for improved image quality. The image with the SLD is sharper and clearer than those with the LED, and the system offers greatly improved measurement capability even with dense cataract and IOL implanted eyes.

Reliable Keratometer

The system provides ordinary measurement (ø3.3 mm) using a mire ring, and also peripheral measurement (ø6 mm) using 4 points, both of which offer reliable and accurate keratometry data. The ARK-530A uses double mire rings for better alignment and observation.

  • Wide Measurement Range: -30 to +25D
  • Smallest Measurable Pupil Size: ø2mm
  • 3D* Auto Tracking & Auto Shooting

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