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  • Heine 3.5 V NIMH Battery

Heine 3.5 V NIMH Battery*

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Product Description

Experience the power and reliability of the genuine Heine 3.5V NIMH Battery, designed to elevate your medical examinations. Crafted by Heine, a trusted brand in the medical industry, this rechargeable battery is specifically engineered to fit all beta handles, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance. With its 3.5V voltage rating, this battery guarantees consistent and efficient power supply, empowering you to deliver high-quality illumination and functionality in your medical practice. Trust in Heine's commitment to excellence and equip your beta handles with the Heine 3.5V NIMH Battery for reliable and superior performance.

Product Features:

- Genuine Heine Battery: The Heine 3.5V NIMH Battery is a genuine product manufactured by Heine, a trusted and renowned brand in the medical industry.
- Universal Compatibility: This battery is designed to fit all beta handles, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility for a wide range of medical devices.
- Rechargeable Design: The battery is rechargeable, allowing for multiple uses and long-lasting performance.
- 3.5V Voltage Rating: With its 3.5V voltage rating, this battery provides consistent and efficient power for your beta handles.

Product Benefits:

- Reliable Power Supply: The Heine 3.5V NIMH Battery offers a reliable and consistent power supply for your beta handles, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient performance during medical examinations.
- Enhanced Functionality: By using the recommended Heine 3.5V NIMH Battery, you can maintain the high-quality illumination and functionality that Heine is known for, enhancing your medical practice.
- Trusted Brand: Heine is a trusted brand in the medical industry, known for their commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship.

Technical Details:

- Battery Type: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NIMH)
- Voltage Rating: 3.5V

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