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Haag Streit Eyecap Software

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Product Description

Eyecap™ Digital is a complete image capture and management system that has been developed with cooperation from several leading ophthalmic clinicians, ophthalmic photographers and optometrists as a means to simply, accurately and securely document the eye using the slit lamp and/or fundus camera.

  • Highest Quality Images
  • Simple operation
  • Full relational database
  • Vast online storage
  • High level of data security
  • Dgital capture from multiple sources 

Direct Image Capture

Images may be captured directly from slit lamps equipped with the latest IM 900® and CM 900® dedicated slit lamp cameras from Haag-Streit as well as any other type of digital or video camera attachments.

Using Eyecap™ Digital with the IM 900® can improve the image quality, include real time image viewing and capture, the ability to simply control the image exposure and the unique history trigger. These functions are accessed either from the dedicated remote control or via the computer mouse.

Furthermore, Eyecap™ Digital will interface directly with the 900 BX® Digital Photo Slit lamp to capture images of oustanding quality.

Works with Current Fundus Cameras

EyeCap™ Digital will work with most current fundus cameras to capture high-resolution color fundus images directly into the patient database. Images from the digital camera backs used now by most fundus camera manufacturers are quickly transferred and displayed on-screen and retain the high color fidelity and accuracy produced by these modern cameras.

The Eyecap™ software and digital imaging system is designed to speed up the process of disease diagnosis through a fast, intuitive interface. With a fundus camera it's a powerful tool for detecting retinal disease.

Safe, Secure & Backed Up

EyeCap™ Digital employs a unique library system that keeps a copy of all images captured on-line providing the ability to store several hundred thousand images using conventional computer hardware. This intelligent method of image storage provides the clinician with fast-track access to images from any patient visit regardless of when the original images were captured.

All images are stored in a secure environment but can simply be exported for teaching for further referral and can easily be used in other applications or 3rd party software.

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