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CATS Tonometer Prism Tip

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Product Description

The New Shape of IOP. Your Goldmann, Better Pressure.

CATS™ Tonometer Prism features a unique, patented, dual-curved surface design that improves IOP accuracy by successfully nullifying measurement errors caused by corneal biomechanics, corneal thickness, and tear film, which affect a large percentage of patients.1-4 Establish a new standard in Goldmann IOP accuracy by simply replacing your traditional Goldmann prism with a new CATS Tonometer Prism to instantly realize improved IOP measurement accuracy.2-4

Why is CATS Tonometer Prism essential for your practice? It is widely accepted that for eyes with average corneas, Goldmann tonometry provides reliable IOP measurements. However, we now know that corneal properties such as Central Corneal Thickness (CCT), Corneal Hysteresis (CH), and tear film vary significantly from average in a large percentage of patients. These variations in corneal properties result in a clinically relevant negative impact on Goldmann Tonometer accuracy. The use of CCT-based IOP correction formulas, to determine individual IOP values, is neither valid nor useful, and as such not helpful in improving Goldmann accuracy or glaucoma decision making.5-6

Experience improved IOP measurement accuracy today with CATS Tonometer Prism.2-4

CATS Tonometer Prism is made in the USA.

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