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  • Nidek RKT7700 AutoRefractor / Keratometer / Tonometer

Used Nidek RKT 7700 AutoRefractor / Tonometer

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Product Description

This pre-owned Nidek RKT7700 autorefractor / keratometer / tonometer is in perfect working condition. The Nidek Tonoref RKT 7700 is a 3-1 instrument that includes an autorefractor, keratometer and tonometer. The Nidek Tonoref RKT 7700 comes with a standard 3 month warranty with the option to upgrade to a one year extended warranty.

Features of the Nidek RKT 7700 AutoRefractor / Keratometer / Tonometer include:

Auto Ref/Keratometer & Non-Contact Tonometer in One Unit 
Combining the measurement of refractive power, corneal curvature and intraocular pressure (IOP), the device provides faster and accurate patient care in clinics and hospitals. 

Space Saving 
TONOREF RKT-7700, providing auto ref/keratometry and tonometry, saves space and offers great efficiency as well as patient convenience, 
eliminating the burden of moving from one  device to another for each measurement. 

High-Speed & Reliable Measurement 
With NIDEK's advanced technologies, the TONOREF RKT-7700 provides highly accurate, reliable and fast measurement, with significantly reduced measurement time. 

3D Auto-Tracking & Auto-Shooting 
The auto-alignment (X & Y directions), auto-focusing (Z direction) and auto-shooting provides faster, simpler and more accurate measurements. When alignment is performed correctly, measurement starts automatically. 

Printer with Automatic Paper Cutter 
The ARK and NT data can be automatically separated when printing. Tiltable LCD Monitor. The clear 5-inch TFT color LCD with tilting function offers easy operation even for a standing operator. 

One-Touch Lock 
The upper movable part of the unit can be fixed with the advanced 

Patient-friendly Softer Air 
The TONOREF RKT-7700's advanced APC (Automatic Puff Control) function provides softer air for IOP measurement, providing increased patient comfort. 

Safety First - Patient Detection Sensor 
When a patient is present in front of the unit, the chinrest does not move when calibration and initialization is ongoing.

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