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Topcon KR-1W Autorefractor / Keratometer

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Product Description

The 5-in-1 KRÌ´Ì_ÌÎ̴̝å1W Wavefront Analyzer boasts the combined technologies of wavefront aberration, corneal topography and autoÌ´Ì_ÌÎ̴̝årefraction. The system features full autoÌ´Ì_ÌÎ̴̝åalignment, a large color touch screen, onboard evaluation software, wavefront image sequence and simulated visual acuity assessment. The KR-1W provides the eye care professional with all the required information on the human refractive system to perform optimal wavefront analysis.

Key Features of the Topcon KR-1W Autorefractor / Keratometer

  • 5-in-1 instrument features aberrometry, topography, keratometry, pupillometry and autorefraction all in one unit!
  • Multiple maps for overview analysis
  • Extremely easy to operate with right/left fully automated measurement and touchscreen panel
  • Provides valuable pre and post-op data for cataract and refractive procedures
  • Invisible light topographic measurement increases patient comfort
  • Fully networkable in various configurations

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