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  • Marco G2 Slit Lamp

Marco G2 Ultra Slit Lamp

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Product Description

The Slit lamp Marco G2 Series features a modernized optical design and utilizes a multi-layered, multi-coated system which transmits light more efficiently, producing a measurable 20% increase in optical resolution and clarity.

The breakthrough optical quality of the Ultra Series also results in a 20% increase in light transmission, a 15% expanded field of view and a 14% increase in depth of field. A single look through the optics of any Ultra Series slit lamp is enough to tell you that a new age in diagnostic observation has arrived. 

The Slit Lamp Marco G2 Magnifications

  • G2 offers 10x, 16x, and 25x magnification. 
  • Exceptionally natural view is created by 6 o converging binocular tubes incorporating high-eyepoint, extremely wide-field eyepieces and Galilean magnification changer. 
  • Designed for today's video imaging. 
  • Halogen illumination standard. 
  • Slit angle, width and height as well as filter placement, slit decentration and slit rotation are all controlled within a single hand's spread. 
  • Slit height is continuously adjustable from 1mm to 14mm. 
  • Slit height also has premeasured, fixed aperture diaphragms of 0.3, 3, 5, 8 and 14mm. 
  • Slit width is continuously variable from 0 to 14mm the largest light-source aperture in the industry. 
  • Built-in cobalt-blue, red-free and heat-absorbing filters can be easily dialed in as desired. 
  • Single joystick controls both elevation and horizontal positioning for enhanced ease of use. 
  • Rheostat conveniently located next to joystick. 
  • Adjustments are simple, fast and extremely precise. 
  • Options include tonometer mount, Hruby lens kit, video kit, assistantscope and patient handrests.

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