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  • Marco 2B Slit Lamp

Marco 2B Ultra Slit Lamp

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Product Description


In a word, everything. The Ultra Series from Marco changes the slit-lamp picture forever. First, we incorporated the very latest in materials, design and lens-coating technologies to create a new era in optical resolution and efficiency. Then we improved the ergonomics to make the Ultra Series the most convenient-to-use slit lamps in the industry. Finally, we designed the Ultra Series to be manufactured using up-to-the-minute production techniques, reducing assemblies that used to require as many as fiffteen parts down to one single part.

The result is higher quality, reduced maintenance and exceptional value. The Next Generation In Optics With a new, modernized optical design, the Ultra Series utilizes a multi-layered, multi-coated system which transmits light more efficiency, producing a measurable 20% increase in optical resolution and clarity. The breakthrough optical quality of the Ultra Series also results in a 20% increase in light transmission, a 15% expanded field of view and a 14% increase in depth of field. A single look through the optics of any Ultra Series slit lamp is enough to tell you that a new age in diagnostic observation has arrived.

Marco 2b Ultra Slit Lamp Features

  • Combines remarkable ease of use and value with the same high optical qualities and  precision construction found in other Ultra Series models.
  • Ideal for general examination procedures and contact-lens work.
  • Single-handed elevation joystick.
  • Halogen illumination standard.
  • Pencil-point fixation light.
  • Four built-in filters.
  • 0 to 10mm slit width.
  • Rheostat conveniently located next to the joystick.
  • Hruby lens kit and patient handrests optional.
  • Finds wide acceptance in satellite offices as well as in larger practices with multiple lanes of equipment.

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